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We recommend that you see a Chiropractor first if you have a back or neck problem, a Physiotherapist if you have a limb or sports injury.

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“Perhaps what I most appreciate is the holistic approach to health often neglected in traditional medicine. “ – Anne S

“I came to the chiropractic clinic suffering from neck pain and headaches every day or two. Regular treatments have freed me from this menace. I still need treatment but pain no longer dominates my life.” – Mary O

“I sustained a whiplash injury which threw my jaw, spine and hips out of alignment. With chiropractic care I was soon back to work and able to enjoy swimming and tennis.” – Jill D

“Miracle workers. I called in an enormous amount of pain and was seen that day. Now I go every month without fail. The benefits are outstanding.” – Julliette H

“My neck had been aching constantly for 4 years. I had to stop dancing and driving became difficult. Physiotherapy did not help and the GP said I would have to learn to live with it. Treatment sorted my neck problem out very quickly and it hardly ever aches now. I have also been able to back to ballet and belly dancing!” – Corrine S

“…chiropractic has been demonstrated to be more effective for the management of lower back painthan conventional hospital outpatient care” – British Medical Journal, 2004

“After my baby was born I had a back, leg and arm pain. Chiropractic sorted out all the symptoms even thing I thought could not be related to my back. I would definitely recommend it.”* – Lynette T
(* Lynette’s leg and arm pain was not radiating from the spine)

“It has just made me a happier person since I am not in constant pain. It is just a shame I did not discover chiropractic sooner.” – Lorraine P

“I endured daily headaches for years. Visits to doctors, Migraine specialists, Dentists and Opticians found nothing and I simply took prescription drugs daily to keep pain at bay. I had accepted that headaches were a part of daily life. I first received Chiropractic care following a motor accident resulting in whiplash. Various mis-alignments were found and several adjustments needed. Discomfort got worse at first (but I had been warned about this!).

However, after a couple of weeks I was stunned to realise that not only was the whiplash better, but the headaches had gone too. There was life without pain after all. I have recommended Chiropractic care to numerous other people and without exception all have benefited.
– Bev G

“I began to get severe back ache and neck problems. The treatment was excellent and produced immediate relief. With the underlying problem diagnosed and a treatment programme in place I am going from strength to strength.. I am really pleased about the progress.” – John T

“…Makes life so much more enjoyable.” – Roy W

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