How to Create a Great USP (Unique Selling Proposition) For Your Business

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A great USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will give you more business. And a poor one will do the opposite. So, without any shadow of doubt, it is worth having one. And, it is worth putting the time in to create a great one!

So, what is a USP? Well, it simply tells people what your business does … in a few short words, or, as Jay Abrahams puts it in “its sinewy bare essence”.

So, let’s take an example. Let’s say you make and sell something … how about pizzas?

Now, of course, you could simply have a USP that says “We make and sell pizzas”. However, while it might tell people what you do, it is of zero value to your business.

For a USP to bring customers in, rather than sending them away, it needs to be a:

  • Unique – it has to separate your from your competition
  • Selling – it has to “sell” you to your prospects, usually with a benefit
  • Proposition – it has to suggest what you propose to do

So, in order to come up with your USP, try asking yourself the following questions …

  1. Who is my target market? And, I mean the rifle shot target, not the shotgun target!
  2. What are the top 2 benefits that I deliver to my customers?
  3. What do I do better than my competition? Or at least differently?
  4. What do my satisfied customers say about me?
  5. Why are my benefits important to my customers? What problem are they solving?
  6. What is the sinewy bare essence of what I do?

And, then, you need to pull this together into a short sinewy sentence. In doing so, there is a structure that you can follow that might help you to do this:

  • Start with “I help …” where the dots are your target market
  • Continue with “to …” and put in the benefits that your customers achieve
  • Then “by …” which is what you actually do
  • And finally “so that they can …” and put in why the benefits are important to your customers

So, all of this might come together as “I help busy people enjoy a fast, healthy and tasty meal by delivering quality organic pizzas to their homes so that they can spend time with their families rather than slaving in the kitchen”. This needs more work to become a perfect USP but I hope you get the idea!

Many USPs can be boiled down into “slogans”. Some of which have become famous in their time. Here are a few that I like (not all are still in use by the companies):

  • WonderBreadUSP“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” (Federal Express)
  • “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less – or it’s free.” (Dominos Pizza) By the way, even though this is a great USP, Dominos dropped it many years ago!
  • “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play” (Mars)
  • “It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly it does you good.” (Mackeson Beer)

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