There’s A Revolution Afoot – And It’s Already Affecting Your Business Success

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Did you buy the Christmas Number One from Rage Against The Machine? 502,672 copies were sold so maybe you bought one? If not, you might want to buy a copy and frame it as it signals a revolution that is already affecting your business.

This year, the X Factor winner Joe McElderry’s single also did well. It sold around 450,000 copies. Just not quite well enough to take the Number One spot.

Maybe you are not a fan of Rage Against The Machine or Joe McElderry and don’t care who took the Number One spot? In which case, just take a moment to look at what happened here. Because, as a business owner, your business future could depend on you understanding what happened and taking appropriate action.

This year, things were shaping up nicely for the winner of the X Factor to take the Christmas Number One spot as has been the case for the last few years. After all, they not only have TV promotion behind them, they actually have a TV show. How powerful is that in influencing the hearts and minds of the British population? If you had your own TV show, how much extra business could you get?

But, something happened!

Tracy and Jon Morter happened!

Tracy and Jon decided that they would like Rage Against The Machine’s single to become the Christmas Number One. So, they set out to make that happen. Not by spending a fortune on TV advertising or by creating their own TV show. The decided to use Social Media Marketing. They created a Facebook page and they marketed it over the social media channels. Today, their Facebook page has 983,815 members. Their message obviously “got out there”. With the result that Rage Against The Machine hit the Number One spot.

The era of TV advertising and promotion is certainly not over. It remains a powerful marketing tool. But here is evidence that effective social media marketing can be at least as effective. And, it also has the advantage of being vastly cheaper than TV advertising!

And, we’re not the only ones to notice it. Watch this short (1 min 14 secs) video that Google published this month:

With the right focus, social media can boost you to the top. Maybe not to the top of the Christmas Charts. But to the top of your profession in your area.

If you really want to boost your business, give me a call and ask me to show you my proprietary “money mindmap” where I help businesses boost their sales through all three of the key strategies necessary for fast and sustainable growth.

I Hope you have a great Christmas and a hugely prosperous 2010!


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