It’s A Dog’s Life: Lessons From Our Hounds – What Guinnie Taught Us

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Unfortunately, in 2012, the eldest of our 3 dogs left us to chase rabbits in doggie heaven.

Guinevere Jemima Thomson aka Guinnie was one heck of a dog and there’s one thing for sure, no one has ever forgotten Guinnie – everyone has a Guinnie moment that they always remember.

From the moment we chose Guinnie (well I chose her) we should have known this was no ordinary dog! To say Guinnie had a mind of her own would be an understatement. Of course we were naïve in handling what the Dog Psychologist referred to as a Dominant Dog Syndrome – yes we did employ a Dog Psychologist!

Who would have thought a Golden Retriever could be dominant! Well there’s one in every pack!

Guinnie caused no end of challenges, it was a constant battle of wills. She ate her way through shoes, towels, remote controls, sofas, even a whole sweater. Dug holes, excavated escape tunnels and broke through gates. Even stole a passer-by’s pie from their hand and wolfed it down in one, while carrying on walking!

It didn’t matter how much we warned people of Guinnie’s antics. They thought they would be on top of her… of course she always got the better of them  ….  the stories are countless.

So what the heck did we learn from her – well she was UNFORGETTABLE.

For most of us as business owners, we are our business. People buy us and we need to stand out or at least stand for something. And the last thing we want to do is hide it behind some vague, bland and anonymous marketing messages and materials.

We’re not talking Outrageous, although if you are, flaunt it! It’s simply a matter of conveying you as a person and your team as real people.

And it has never been easier (or cheaper) to convey your message than it is today. In the “old days” you had to get on to TV to become a “personality”. Today you can achieve the same with tools and technologies that are readily available to you such as your website, social media sites, videos, photos, podcasts, webinars, teleseminars, even books (yes you can become a published author much easier these days).

So, remember to use your personal stories and experiences to make yourself, your team and your business become unforgettable (for all the right reasons of course!).

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