The Secret To Dominate, Like The British Cycling Team

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Dave Brailsford, British Cycling’s performance director went on BBC Breakfast on the final morning of the Olympic track cycling competition and gave the game away.

“Tell us about these ‘marginal gains‘ that underpin everything you do?” he was asked.

“The whole principle came from the idea that if you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improved it by 1%, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together,” he explained.

“There’s fitness and conditioning, of course, but there are other things that might seem on the periphery, like sleeping in the right position, having the same pillow when you are away and training in different places.

“Do you really know how to clean your hands? Without leaving the bits between your fingers? “If you do things like that properly, you will get ill a little bit less.

“They’re tiny things but if you clump them together it makes a big difference.”

Of course, this wasn’t what many other teams wanted to here … they wanted the truth the cheating, the witchcraft, the magic wheels!

It’s no different to dominating in business.

It will never be one thing that makes the difference and especially with marketing. Too often we hear business owners tell us they’ve tried this, tried that and tried the other and it didn’t work.

The truth is that the results they got didn’t meet their expectation of the result they wanted. Wanted, not based on any scientific evidence, experience, or skill they’ve gained but on their emotional desire and emotional reaction to the outcome.

Sending out one letter, running one ad, setting up a Facebook page, tweeting one message will never and I mean NEVER bring you endless streams of customers and solve your business worries.

The answer lies in “marginal gains”.

Small changes that compound and create massive results.

In your business it’s about breaking down your activities into measurable tasks, measuring results, identifying areas of improvement, implementing a change and testing the impact of the change.

In marketing it’s exactly the same. Break down your activities into campaigns, brake down the campaign into quantifiable steps that you can measure. By making a small % gain in each step it really is surprising what a significant difference this can make to the overall outcome.

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