War Graves Given QR Codes

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A QR (it stands for Quick Response) code contains data that can be read by smartphones. That’s one on the left.

The code can instantly take a customer to your website or any information. For example, if your QR code contains your website’s URL, the customer can be taken to your website on their phone.

QR codes are great for smartphone users as they can go straight to relevant information without struggling to enter long URLs into the small smartphone’s keypad.

They make the physical world clickable. And they are being used in some surprising places these days, such as to provide tourist information about why more than 80 Canadian war graves are located outside a church in Denbighshire.

One of the advantages of a QR code is that they can take people to very specific information, they do not have to just take somebody to your website’s home page. The most appropriate information can be given to them based on the specific code that you placed in that location.

They are one of the most mobile friendly ways to point customers to online resources even when they are out and about. These online resources can be anything that is available online including webpages, text, reports, photos, videos, social media pages, etc.

Here are 3 simple ways that you can use QR codes now:

1) Business Cards – add a QR code to your business card that contains your contact details so that somebody scanning it immediately has your contact details in their phone.

2) Store/Office/Clinic front – passers-by will be able to quickly and easily get extra information from a dedicated page on your website – maybe that will include your opening times, this week’s “specials”, etc.

3) Campaign advertising material – you can add QR codes to all kinds of material including newspaper ads, signs, banners, posters, brochures, just about anything! Preople scanning the QR code will be taken direct to a page in your website that is specific to that campaign that gives them more details and encourages them to take the next steps along your campaign trail.

One other great thing about QR codes is that they are trackable. They can be set so that you can see how many people scan a QR code and you will be able to assess which codes are most popular and adjust your marketing appropriately.

Create your QR codes now and start tracking your results.

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