Honey, our Spanish Galgo Girl who defied the vets (and us)

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Honey was found by our next door neighbours when we lived in Spain a few years back. She was in a bad way, starving, unwell and with a serious problem with one of her back legs. It had received a big knock of some kind – we’ll never know how but with Honey’s nervousness around some men it could have been a vicious blow or kick.

Honey never put weight on the leg, couldn’t bend it and consequently her leg was wasted and her paw hadn’t developed. It was like a club.

On the first visit to the vet we were told she would never use her leg. Daily vet visits became the norm for the next 2 months as we all worked on building up her strength and getting her back to health.

However, Honey was unaware that she wasn’t going to use her leg again and over time through playing with our other 2 dogs and running around our garden like a mad thing we started to notice that she was putting weight on her leg.

Over time her leg has developed to be nearly as muscular as her other. Her paw is as big as the one on the other side and while she still can’t totally tuck her leg in under her – it’s nearly there.

When we look at her it’s hard to believe we were told she wouldn’t ever use her leg – the thing is, Honey didn’t have this limiting belief. She unconsciously every day took actions that helped her – just playing and running around.

Of course Honey isn’t human!

As humans, our beliefs and what we tell ourselves shape our thoughts which determine our actions.

Ultimately our daily actions will determine our results.

My very best results come from taking consistent and appropriate daily actions towards the results I want and where I fall short I can always tie it back to rubbish actions that come from rubbish thoughts and beliefs. Be it losing weight to increasing revenue!

In business our results are very tangible. We can measure our results in many ways: profit, revenue, number of customers etc. the list goes on.

In times when the economy is struggling, it’s easy to blame poor business results on this. We hear it all the time – it has become some peoples’ mantra – blame the economy. I get to speak to a lot of business owners and hear their tales of woe. However, I work with so many that see tangible increases in their business that I know that while the economy plays a part, of course it does, the critical difference is the actions that these business owners are taking are different.

Do you have results you want to change – more profit, more revenue, more customers, less customers that pay you more even? What daily actions do you need to be taking to get the results you want?

Once you work these out – as Honey did – just go for it!


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