Want 95%+ Of Your Marketing Messages Read Within 5 Minutes?

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We are bombarded by marketing messages every day and we simply don’t have time to read them all. Therefore, if you send out marketing messages (whether that’s offline through newspaper adverts or billboards, or even radio or TV adverts etc or whether it’s online through Google Adwords or emails etc) most of your messages will not even be noticed or will be ignored.

It’s a bit of a shame really to have done all that work to come up with a great message or a great offer and to know that most people you send it to won’t even see it.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

There is one marketing medium where over 95% of messages sent are opened and read by the recipient within 5 minutes.

Do you think you could make a few more sales with that sort of interaction? Of course you could!

So, what is this marketing medium?

It’s text (or SMS) messaging.

Here’s one consumer’s thoughts on text marketing:

“I’m a rather reluctant customer of Brunel Ford, the local main Ford dealership. I may be a bit unduly harsh on them but they annoy me. Perhaps it’s because everything seems to cost so much and getting your car serviced is right up there with gutter clearing for fun and exciting ways to spend your money.

They’ve also been a bit useless with their customer communications. When my service was due recently, they sent me a reminder by post which I completely forgot about. Then silence for about five or six months. I was just starting to think about calling them up and begrudgingly booking my car in, when out of the blue, the following SMS Marketing text arrived…

“Dear Mr. Cazalet, We miss you. Give your Ford S-Max some love. As a special offer we will service your car for £99 before the end of February. Please call Brunel Ford on 08442412788 for details on this amazing offer.”

Before I knew it I was through to service reception where they were efficiently offering me several dates along with a pick-up and delivery service. So until that text arrived, I was huffing and puffing, procrastinating and moaning. The effect it had was miraculously instant. It’s a perfect example of how goddamn effective sending a text can be.

The content of the text itself was also pretty persuasive. The personalisation, addressing me by name and using my model, was a smart idea, adding detail to make me feel I’m being talked to directly. They also chose to send a message that was longer than 160 characters. This used 2 text credits but was definitely worth it, allowing them to get the message across in a more relaxed way, with the space to spell out the offer clearly. My only grumble would be that they failed to include an opt out, which they are legally obliged to do; but all round, I’d give them a solid 8/10 for this SMS campaign.”

So how could you use SMS marketing to attract more clients? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking …

NEWS! EJ Wines are now extending their 20% discount offer until 6 pm this Friday. For amazing offers on all our wines, call us now on 01234567890.

Weather forecast is cold and wet. Cosy up at The Rock Inn from £125.00 for 2 nights B+B. Roaring fire, local ales, fine wines and dining. Call 0123456789 or reply ROCK to this text

Beat the queue! Show this text at Metropolis Nightclub before 10pm tonight and we’ll take you through the members’ only entrance. Free single shot at the bar with this text

MOT NOW DUE! Your car is now due for its MOT. Please call Mullins Ford now on 012345 67890 to book your car in.

JOB ALERT! Please call Access Recruit now on 012345 67890. We have a number of exciting new vacancies that match your skills and experience.

A massive 50% off all sports products at Campus Leisure this weekend. Logon now to This offer will end at 7 pm on Sunday, so logon now and quote code X13

If you want some help in setting up a text marketing campaign to attract more clients to your business then call or email us and ask us to tell you about the different text marketing services that we offer.

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