Buyer Beware – Remove Negative Feedback – Guaranteed!

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Following on from feedback from our readers, we are pleased to offer the first of what may possibly become a regular feature … (or may not, let us know what you think) ….

Drum roll …. it’s “Buyer Beware” … ta da!

For this first “edition”, we are focusing on a type of email we have been seeing more of lately. Here’s one that we have taken a screenshot of (and disguised the business name):

You know we are fans of reputation management. So why have we brought this email to your attention?

Very simply, they are promising something that cannot be delivered, by anybody! And they are guaranteeing that they will do it. What is the promise that they cannot deliver? It’s to remove bad reviews about your business.

Google says that you can “flag a review as inappropriate”. They will then check it against their guidelines. They go on to say “Google Places reviews are a forum for users to share both positive and negative opinions. We do not arbitrate disputes and more often than not, we leave the review up.”

Yelp automatically filters reviews and decides itself what to show. You cannot influence this, even if you pay for an account with them.

Qype allows you to contact them and they will check to see if a negative review conforms to their guidelines or not. If it does, they will leave it there and suggest that you reply to it.

And so it goes on. Every review site is different and will have their different rules and arrangements but the underlying principle is the same … a bad review is there to stay.

You’ll have already read our suggestions about how to respond to bad reviews so I won’t repeat them here (they’re here if you missed them).

Please check carefully the offers you are made in emails similar to the one above. Some people will make impossible claims in order to get their hands on your hard earned money. If you are in any doubt about an email you have been sent, feel free to send it on to us and we’ll take a look for you.

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