Lance – The Master of Habits

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We called him 5:15 for a long time – why …

because at 5:15pm he would go totally nutty … Lance got it into his head that  5:15pm each day he needed to let us know it was time for his dinner. This laid back Golden Retriever would become a hyper active pain in the neck, jumping up at us, onto our desks, generally being in our faces until we moved! A habit we are pleased to say he’s let up on over recent years …

His current favourite habits are tummy rubbing in the evening at around 8pm (Ian’s chore) and crisp snacking around 9pm (joining in on my bad habit!).

What’s amazing is how quickly Lance forms these habits – every day same time.

He’s a lovely boy but when his habit calls he makes sure he’s there and getting what he wants.

For us mere humans it’s said that forming a new habit (or behavioural change) takes between 18 – 224 days. It takes time and repetition.

Just seems that developing bad habits seems easier and faster – like my couch potato crisp chomping! And breaking them becomes a tough job. Maybe we spend too long focussing on breaking them rather than developing new ones to replace them?

If there was one habit you could form in your life in the next 18 – 224 days what would it be?

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