No. 1 Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Stopping your SEO/SEM activities is not an option in this day and age. If you’re not holding the number 1 position then someone else is and they will be getting more visitors than you.

Getting to Google’s number 1 position is one thing but it’s not the time to take your foot off the peddle; it is a continuous process. If you have been top and lost your “mojo” or you’re struggling to get there here are our proven ways of getting to the top and staying there.

Let’s start at the beginning. The world of SEO has moved on considerably and continues to do so at a pace. However, the premise of what a Search Engine like Google states its mission as hasn’t wavered and that is

to provide a searcher with the most relevant information available based on what the searcher is looking for”

Once we as marketers understand this and understand how the Search Engine works this out then the game gets much simpler. Of course, the algorithms used are complicated but the premise is simple:

Content – relevant, timely, fresh

Given the value that Search Engines put on content it makes sense to use a platform that will manage content for your website. We recommend WordPress for many reasons however, there are other platforms out there.

There are 2 key areas to master:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – also known as “onsite SEO” are activities that you need to do within your site
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – also known as “offsite” SEO” are activities that you need to get done off your site

So what do you need to do for each of these on a monthly basis:

Keyword Research

Well the absolute first thing you have to get done is your Keyword Research. You have to know the keywords that you are going to focus these activities around. You have to identify the most relevant and popular keywords that are most likely to result in additional relevant visitors finding your site.

SEO activities:

  • Write and publish blog/news post to your site that visitors will want to read and search engines will like. We recommend at least 1/week but more is better, especially in a more competitive environment.
  • Write an article each month that you publish on your site and syndicate online for additional SEO value and to attract more visitors.

SEM activities:

  • Write a “guest” news item, unique to you and published onto a manually sourced, relevant website with a link back to your site. We recommend at least 1/week.
  • Take the article you wrote for your SEO activities, rewrite it and syndicate it to 10 – 20 Web 2.0 mini websites such as Blogger, Tumblr etc..

Monthly Monitoring & Reporting

You must monitor your performance and keep track of your results. These will give you a good understanding if what is working and what’s not. Also, they will show you areas that you can improve on and give you early warning signs so you can act before the horse has bolted.

These are the key activities you should have planned and actioned each month to keep ahead of your competitors. You need to ensure that you are doing them or you have someone who is.

In the meantime if you want to know how you match up against your competitors you can take advantage of our Competitive Analysis Report. Mention that you read about it here and we will produce the report for you showing how you match up against your competitors and we’ll do it completely free for you.

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