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Yes Evian’s dancing babies are back! And they are set to become the most watched ad EVER with over 29 million YouTube views in 5 days.

Not only does the campaign highlight the power of getting a message out through YouTube, the campaign is being taken to a whole new tech level …

The Evian campaign, titled Baby & Me, has adults hooked by seeing themselves as babies in a mirror. They both then break into reflected complicated dance moves.

The campaign follows the company’s past campaign ‘Roller Babies’ which holds the official Guinness World Record for the most-viewed online advertisement to date.

This time Evian are taking the campaign to a whole new level and are leveraging technology to do it. An outdoor campaign using digital posters is going to be launched which will bring the baby and adult mirrored concept to life. There is also an app that will allow users to ‘babify’ themselves via facial recognition software.

Can’t wait to see and engage in all of it! What a hoot.

While many of us may not yet be at the stage of investing in digital posters and purpose built apps to promote our businesses – there is no excuse for not starting to embrace these concepts in our marketing.

It is very easy these days to film a short video and put it onto YouTube. If you are not already doing this, then get started now. YouTube is the World’s second most popular search engine and is where many people spend a lot of time looking for things. Some of these people may be looking for the products and services you offer right now.

We’d love to see your videos too. So please send us a link.

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