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Hi, I’m Liz Pugh, the owner of Roderick Pugh Marketing.

With my business partner Ian Thomson we created RPM to help local business owners increase their revenue and profits, grow their business faster with less stress and ultimately enjoy their business more. All by leveraging the power of Online Marketing.

And we did this because we know what you are going through and we want to help you.

You see I have been business owners for the last 20 years and during that time I have shared many (in fact, probably nearly all!) of the frustrations that I now hear other business owners talking about.

Very early on in business I found myself in a cycle that I started to believe I was never going to get out of. I was consistently inconsistent at generating revenue, going through a continual boom/bust cycle.

I would build up the number of clients I was actively working until I had so many clients that I was flat out working on delivering services to them. There was not a spare minute in the day to think about tomorrow. Cash was flowing in and all was well. Wow, what a great feeling as the work was winding up!

But at the back of my mind was always this list of things to do. And as my work was winding up I would have that sense of doubt creeping in. That sense of recognition that I need to find more clients because the current jobs were going to end soon. But I didn’t have time to do anyting about it … I was too busy! That is, until the work finished … and then I had all the time in the world!

I don’t know if you have experienced that feeling but I know that most of the business owners I speak with daily have experienced it to varying degrees. And it really is a horrible feeling! Yes referrals would come in but the pressure was on. l needed to get new clients, right now. And of course I’d suddenly get hit with some unexpected bill or other which would add to the pressure.

And then I’d find myself taking on the “clients from hell” just to get the cash coming. I hated those times. I didn’t get into business to add stress to my life. I wanted to create a better life. And I hated these times even more because I knew I was responsible for it!

I didn’t have the confidence to bring on more staff, or to outsource the things I was not an expert in. And, although the idea of investing in my business for expansion sounded great, I was too scared to take that leap of faith.

So I would end up frustrated and often become frustrated with my prospects and clients … not a good situation to be in!

I felt I was in a vicious cycle. But I wanted to grow my business and make it profitable so I went in search of help.

And I found a mentor … a teacher right!

He was a straight-talker and he said to me:

“Liz there are 3 ways to grow a business :

  • Increase the number of clients
  • Increase the average transaction size
  • Increase the frequency of purchase .. or visit

Find a way to maximise each one of these and your business will experience astonishing rates of growth”

At the time I was building a local based business and so I took his advice and went away and learnt to create effective marketing campaigns and systems that brought in a flow of highly qualified prospects to my business and converted them into higher paying clients. It wasn’t easy but by consistent and determined action, the results steadily appeared.

And I applied the exact same principles when building my first Internet business back in 2005. (Yes I’ve been marketing online for nearly 6 years now.) And the online world is a rapidly changing one since I started 6 years ago! Every day there seems to be new tools and technologies to reach prospects. It’s quite a job to keep up with let alone use them to build a business!

Over the years I have met many other business owners. And in recent years, more and more of them have been coming to me and asking for help and guidance – especially with how to take their business online effectively. And so, Roderick Pugh Marketing was formed. Our goal here is to help business owners, maybe just like you, who are not getting the results you want from your business. We cannot promise miracles but we can promise results … results you can count on!

Hi I’m Ian Thomson.

I started working as a computer programmer back in the time when computers took up a whole room. I really enjoyed my early forays into computer programming, learning program languages that have long since become obsolete!

Fairly quickly though, I found myself managing teams of people who were doing all the computer programming. That was lots more fun. In fact, it was so much fun that I found myself providing consultancy services to businesses about how best to use computer technology and helping them manage their IT staff. Now I had my finger in lots of different pies and I was loving the diversity of it all.

But that was not enough. I was now starting to understand how businesses worked (or didn’t!) and I found myself moving from IT consultancy into business consultancy. That was great fun. I got to work with some of the most respected companies in the world and I got to travel the World while doing it! I really love helping businesses get ahead so, in my spare time (?) I started up two business networking groups to help local business owners. One of these quickly grew to over 200 members.

In the meantime, I was also invited to help with starting an Internet Marketing business. This fitted very well with my business and my IT experience and I have not looked back since. I enjoy combining business skills with Internet marketing skills and, for today’s business, that is exactly what is needed for success!

Roderick Pugh Marketing has given me the opportunity to pull together all of my past experience and skills and use them form what I love … helping business owners grow their businesses.

I look forward to helping you grow your business.


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I attended a 3-part seminar delivered by Liz and Ian in conduction with the our professional association.

Your advice and support far exceeded my expectations! Our business has grown since attending the course and we have changed our online presence completely, ranking at the top of google, not through short cuts but hard work and understanding.

Its been over a year now and my understanding web usage, online marketing and CONTINUAL ANALYSIS OF PERFORMANCE has grown considerably and continues to develop daily.

Liz and Ian provided the tools and understanding to push our online presence forwards.

Thank you for your help,


I have just come back from a business seminar for chiropractors and spoke to a friend of mine, Matthew Bennett. Matthew suggested I contact you for a plan regarding my online marketing, and maybe a bit of background would be useful.
I am pretty computer savvy – in fact i build my own website in 1997 and have a fairly good idea of what I want from my online presence. I just have very little time to design and implement my strategy!
My current website was designed using wordpress to enable me to easily add content – unfortunately I haven’t done this very much. This again is due to a lack of overall strategy and plan. I would love to integrate twitter and facebook as well as youtube, and have a host of ideas for youtube video clips on chiropractic. I am fairly happy with my website, but very open to suggestions of improvement and keen to make it smartphone compliant too.
So, essentially i feel I’ve started fairly well on my online presence, but now need someone to put a strategy and plan together to really fulfil it’s potential.
Looking forward to hearing from you

Great to meet you today

I just subscribed to php list hosted solution
which is free for up to 300 emails a month which suits me fine
& should save me £120 a year for Awebber

Thanks for advice & hopefully we can chat soon about swimmer website &
future project ideas possible with some of the generic domains I have like & or or
where I am looking for ideas or partners to sell goods or services or possible sell the domains to I interested parties


Thanks Chris

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