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Hi Rachael, Yes, I’ve found that most people have a challenge putting pen to paper – including me! I know some people will find recording themselves a challenge but if you can find something that works for you then that’s what’s important. There’s so many ways to be able to communicate with people these days. Which in itself can be a challenge! The “Heart” content is another way to help people develop meaningful content that will get results for them. So I really look forward to seeing what you come up with. Rgds Liz

Another great video Liz. Loads to think about. I definatelt struggle with thinking about what to write about. I’m confident that using the information from this video, thinking about content will be much easier. I especially like the idea of recording myself. The HEART content sounds great and I’m looking forward to using it.

Hi Linda,

Many thanks for your question.

Yes, I understand about your client confidentiality “challenge”. In these circumstances, what I have found best is that the client gives the review to the counsellor who then places it on the website, either completely anonymously or with just their first name or initials (a first name is best if they will agree to that).

I realise that this does not help you with reviews coming directly from clients online (such as Google Places reviews) as people need to personally sign in to enter reviews themselves there. However, you can always quote one of your reviews in the description section of the Google Places entry and some people will be happy to put more general comments about your services there.

It is good to hear that you are attracting enough counselling business for yourself. Yes, it certainly is possible to make money through the success of your own advertising. For instance, you could sell your excess leads to other counsellors, either for £x a lead or on a percentage of any business that comes from the lead. You will just need to find a counsellor who is also a keen business person to put this suggestion to.

I am certainly not an expert but I think you are correct in saying that there is greater potential for income growth through coaching than through counselling. One of the ways that you could possibly start to realise that potential is by setting up a separate website for your coaching business. I have not looked through your site in depth but it looks good for your counselling business. I do wonder however whether the strong “counselling message” (even to the domain name) may discourage some people from your coaching services. A separate website focused purely on your coaching services would not have that challenge. And, of course, you could then adjust your adverts to be specific to counselling or coaching and invest at the level that worked best for you to bring in the volumes you needed for each part of your business. Each site would then be able to clearly covey your message as being an expert in that field without having the message diluted slightly by suggesting that you are an expert in two fields at the same time.

I understand what you are saying about the personal nature of counselling and, you are right, in the past, websites have been very impersonal. These days however, people want to do business with other people, not faceless businesses, so, even though you might not be able to share specific personal comments with, or about, people on your website, what you can do is share information about yourself and show yourself to be approachable and understanding and leave visitors to your site wanting to talk to you and wanting to meet you and wanting to become your client. This is one of the huge advantages that a small business has over a large business these days and all of us in small businesses need to exploit it for all its worth! 🙂

I hope that helps. Let me know.


Hi Liz, I’ve been listening to your videos with some interest and just wondered how I could use customer reviews where counselling is concerned. Confidentiality is an important component of counselling and therefore people may not want to write a review of how they found it. The content is quite a sensitive area and people dont want to feel needy -although we all are, at different times. They may not necessarily want to admit to counselling and certainly any sort of follow on, even on a website, could be diffiuclt once a client has left -altho that is beginning to change as therapy becomes ‘normal’.
I am getting more than enough clients and I haven’t really gone into an interactive website as personal recommendations and the search engine seem to be enough. I have often passed work on to colleagues when I can’t take any more and altho I am happy to do that I do feel that I lose money as my advertising has paid off on behalf of others and I’ve wondered if its possible to make some revenue from that. There may be a limit to what people will pay for counselling altho coaching does not seem to have that ceiling which I find interesting!
Anyway I would be interested in your comments. I’m not always sure the world of websites fits the world of counselling due to its personal nature but in terms of advertising my presence, skills, relavence etc it has definitely been an important part.
Many thanks


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